$53,550.00 !

The Songs for Hope Society project " CancerBlast 2019 " was a great success !  Thanks to the contributions of all of the musicians, the attendees and all of the donors.

53,550.00 was raised in support of cancer related research right here at the University of Lethbridge.

( Your donations at work at U of L.)                                 Rene van de Vendel, Dr. Olga Kovalchuk, Ken Lewis, Don Robb 

                                                                                                   ( missing:     Cyndi Vos, Karly Lewis, Tania Stilson)

 Our presentation of the funds was made at the University of Lethbridge Science Centre on December 2, 2019 to Olga Kovalchuk one of the key researchers in the area of cancer research.

Our thanks to coordinators and Board Members, Don Robb, René van de Vendel, Ken Lewis, Cyndi Vos,  Karly Lewis and Tanya Stilson.  A very special thank you for the generosity of all participating musicians, including the brass ensemble (the" CancerBlast Brass) the Bridge Brass Quintet, songstress Anna McBryan and of course the incomparable Jens Lindemann 

Our thanks to Avail LLP for supporting this project by completing our audit for the project.



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